The Bright Spark Education Program

Imagine a safe learning space where children speak their minds and adults listen with open hearts.

Imagine a breezy, outdoor classroom where children eagerly await their lessons because they know and believe that learning can be exciting.

Imagine children and mentors seated in a cosy circle because circles signify inclusiveness, equality, and collaboration.

Welcome to the Bright Spark Education Program at Youngistaan Foundation.

An out-of-school time program, the Bright Spark initiative engages underserved learners by creating a holistic environment of ‘care’ that attempts to address both the cognitive as well as social/emotional needs of a child.

We understand the multi-dimensional nature of poverty and how it may adversely affect the quality of childhood, emotional wellbeing, and educational experience of a child. Bearing this in mind, we train and transform Bright Spark volunteers into educators with a capital ‘E’ – Empathise, Engage, and Empower.


We aspire to create a mindful and stimulating learning ecosystem that actively engages learners, so that they can cultivate the courage & character to question and reflect upon the life that surrounds them, and are able to think & choose for themselves.

We hope to help children become responsible and compassionate individuals who are equipped to participate in and make better sense of a world that is as interconnected as it is divided.


The young learners we work with form the heart and soul of Bright Spark, and they are at the centre of all learning.

  • We help children with their basic literacy skills (reading, comprehension, and writing) so that they may to fall in love with stories and new ideas, and develop skills of self-expression.
  • We build foundational skills in math and logical reasoning so that our young learners can understand and apply relevant concepts in their everyday lives.
  • We work with children on developing and honing critical social-emotional skills & attitudes such as curiosity, perseverance, resilience, problem solving, self-advocacy, empathy, self-esteem, and teamwork.

The key domains (based on CASEL’s – Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning – evidence-based SEL framework) that the Bright Spark program primarily focuses on are –

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship-Building Skills
  • Responsible Decision-Making


    • Build a relationship of trust between the child and mentor through mutual respect and open dialogue.
  • Spark curiosity and excitement in the learner through creative & relevant lesson planning and meaningful engagement.
  • Understand the emotional needs of each child and work towards bridging gaps in their social and emotional competencies.
  • Understand that each child learns differently and build sessions based on a child’s unique abilities.
  • Encourage sustained engagement through the year to create positive attitudes towards learning & living.


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