The Feeding Project

The Feeding Project aims at feeding people who currently face homelessness. Fresh hot food becomes a way to build a relationship with those living on the streets.

Every Sunday, volunteers come together to cook food for close to 800 people. These food packages are then taken to the streets of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Our Hunger Heroes don’t just carry food but also ready smiles and a compassionate ear. They have a heart-to-heart with those routinely neglected and learn of their troubles. For instance, any urgent medical need is attended to immediately by our doctor-volunteers.

Similarly, we try to understand their daily struggles such as personal security, lack of employment, etc. Any interest or aptitude towards a skill is encouraged by our volunteers. We aspire to empower the marginalized by restoring their ability to earn.

Our immediate goal for the project is the establishment of a 24 hour food center.