Abandoned by Son, Homeless & Paralysed Woman finds Help!

We at Youngistaan Foundation are supercharged to make a genuine impact in people’s lives and help by making small but crucial changes. The best part is to see our resolute volunteers hard at work, serving the disadvantaged. We applaud their heart and effort.

Here is a recent story of a 40-year-old woman suffering from paralysis.

We met Pentamma, a 40-year-old, woman, who was suffering from paralysis and faced a great deal of trouble from people on the streets of Hyderabad.

On one of the regular food drives on a Sunday, our volunteers approached her. They spoke to her and discovered that she had been abandoned by her own son at the rail station. Travelling together from Maharashtra, he vanished when they reached Hyderabad.

Stranded in an unknown city where no one knew her, Pentamma searched for her son for weeks, but to no avail. He had forsaken his mother because she had paralysis! We cannnot begin to imagine her turmoil.

People in the vicinity had labelled her a ‘mad woman’ and advised us to stay away from her. At first, our volunteers were slightly cautious, but then they went ahead and broke the ice.

This was no mean feat, since she was wary and did not say much. Gradually, over a period of ten days, they won her trust. Kind words, hot food, fresh clothes, and a shower helped. (It had been more than six months since her last bath).

The very people who had warned us about Pentamma, reported that she waited for our daily visits. She started talking to us and her overall demeanour towards others transformed. Her spirit was healing.

Pedamma's favourite volunteer Priyanka.

Pedamma’s favourite volunteer Priyanka.

She would wait for our visits eagerly. (People experiencing homelessness just need someone to talk to).

While we continued to spend time with her, we were also on the lookout for a safe haven where Pentamma could live. (We had a tough time and that is when we decided that someday we would build our own training/shelter home for the homeless).

Finally, we found a home, the Good Samaritan! The owner, George, has a heart of gold and was very helpful. We shifted her to the home, and now she lives a happy and content life surrounded by people her age. She has access to all the basic facilities.

Note: No matter what you do in life, it should have a end result. For us, in this project, our end result is to find a home, work, and family for people living on streets. Do join us or help us find a home for the homeless.

You can change their world. Do something for someone today and help them in any way possible. The smallest action reaps great change.


We have found a safe home for more than 10 struggling, homeless, elderly persons. We are also planning to rent space and start a shelter. Till then, we continue to partner with other homes.

Be the Change, Make a Difference, and Inspire Others to do the same.

Please help and volunteer to save lives.

Thank you,


Arun Daniel Yellamaty.


twitter: arunyellamaty

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